Categories: Education, Health & Wellness, Seniors

About this Opportunity

Thank you for your interest in volunteering for FOOD PANTRY PALS NEEDED at New Trier Township Social Services.

The Township is looking for two hours, one day per week for six weeks* at our FOOD PANTRY. You pick the day of the week and time slot: from 11AM-1PM or 1PM-3PM. We have returned to in-person shopping at the Food Pantry and are in need of volunteers to greet and walk clients through the process. It may include simply being a welcoming presence and providing minimal clarification or it might be to help an elderly person or someone English as a second language navigate the shelves based on our shopping criteria.

The positive impact on the well being of fellow neighbors will be evident the moment you join our volunteer core. Food Pantry clients have identified the Food Pantry as an important way to live without the stress of how to manage food amidst various challenges or hardship.

Please contact Brian Leverenz, our Community Services Director who runs the Food Pantry with questions or to fit into a volunteer slot. Training can happen the first day you volunteer and is straightforward. We are still requiring masks at the Township. Contact: Brian Leverenz at or 847-446-8203.

New Trier Township Social Services

Type: Ongoing Opportunity
Good For: Adults
Categories: Education, Health & Wellness, Seniors
Location: Winnetka
Days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Times: Afternoons, Mornings

About New Trier Township Social Services

New Trier Township plays a vital role in balancing the social service needs of the community, while serving as responsible stewards of Township tax dollars. There are a variety of volunteer opportunities available, including on our Advisory Committees, Peer Jury Program, Food Pantry and Holiday Programs.