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Bounce Children’s Foundation transforms the lives of chronically ill children, and their families, shifting all from surviving to thriving.
Offering a variety of ongoing home and community-based programs, Bounce is unique in filling a vital gap in the network of care for the nearly 1 in 5 U.S. children who battle chronic illness. Combating a deep sense of invisibility and extreme isolation, Bounce provides community and connection, fun and friendship, education and resources, hope and encouragement, and a place to belong – until cures are found. Currently, Bounce helps 2,000 members, and has grown at double digit rates every year of its existence. Bounce empowers its members to build the resilience they need to live happier, healthier lives. As one Bounce Dad put it, “Bounce helps families heal!” One hundred percent privately funded; Bounce is offered free of charge. And, while there is no income requirement, many members are low income and all face extraordinary out-of-pocket medical costs. For more information about Bounce Children’s Foundation, visit www.BounceChildrensFoundation.org and follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Ongoing Volunteer Opportunities at Bounce Children’s Foundation

Bounce has a variety of ongoing volunteer needs: We have in-person events with Bounce Families such as Bounce Bash® and Bounce Academy® where we need volunteers to support and interact with our families. For those who wish to help remotely, we have an ongoing need to create cards for our Bounce Families and pre-pack our Bounce Back Kits®. We also are looking for groups to pack the Bounce Back Kits® (historically we have partnered with corporations who are looking to give back).

Current Opportunities at Bounce Children’s Foundation

Birdies Fore Bounce

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Bounce will be hosting their 3rd annual Birdies Fore Bounce fundraiser event:
A golf outing and dinner to benefit the kids and families of
Bounce Children’s Foundation.
Monday, June 19, 2022 we will need 10 volunteers to assist with programing. 
If you would like to attend the event and find out more information please CLICK HERE.

Opportunity Good For: Adults | Groups | People with Disabilities | Seniors
Categories: Disabilities | Health & Wellness | Youth

Creating Summer Themed-Crards

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Who are they for? These cards will be sent to more than 430 Bounce Families, that’s 2,000+ Bounce Kiddos, children battling chronic illness, Bounce Siblings, other healthy kids in the family, and Bounce Parents.

Why are you making them? Kids, and adults, love receiving mail and knowing someone is “thinking of them.” These cards boost their spirits and remind the entire family that, even during these trying times, they are remembered.

How do I make them?  Start with blank A2 sized notecards in whatever color you like! Get as creative as you would like. Make them colorful, encouraging, and happy. Have fun. Do not worry about the quality of your handwriting or artwork. 

  • Pen an encouraging note: You rock! You’re inspiring! You’re amazing! You did awesome this year!
  • Draw a picture: rainbows, smiley faces, the sun, fireworks, Superheroes, etc.
  • Stickers are welcomed
  • Include a family-friendly joke (Google has a lot!)



  • Please avoid referencing religious holidays
  • Sign your card with your first name or organization that you are volunteering with (I.E. “Girl Scouts”, “Stevenson Baseball Team”, etc.)
  • DO NOT seal the envelopes – Bounce will review & align them with the recipient.

Deadline: To allow time for processing & mailing, please mail cards to Bounce by May 26th.   

Questions/Concerns:  Please call 844-6-BOUNCE or email info@bouncechildrensfoundation.org

This project is meant to be done at home. Please email Bounce with the number of cards you will be completing.

Thank you!

Remote: This Project is to be done from the convenience of your home.
Opportunity Good For: Adults | Children Under 16 | Families | Groups | People over 16 | People with Disabilities | Seniors
Categories: Disabilities | Health & Wellness | Youth

Family Support

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Bounce Academy is one of our four programs. It provides education for parents/caregivers to enhance their ability to hold themselves, and their families together.  Forced to manage crises for which they have no training, workshops address the ongoing financial, intellectual, emotional and psychological challenges created by chronic illness. 

We are looking for 10-15 volunteers to assist with watching over the kiddos as the parents enjoy a presentation on planning for transitioning to adulthood. This will involve playing games and crafts to do with the kids. 

This event will be on Saturday May 8th from 11 am – 1 pm in Chicago, IL 

If you have any questions feel free to reach out.

Chicago, IL
Opportunity Good For: Adults | Groups | People with Disabilities | Seniors
Categories: Community Service | Disabilities | Health & Wellness | Youth

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