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Career Resource Center, Inc.® is the proven confidence-building, employment resource featuring individualized attention, education, training, and coaching by industry professionals.  Results-focused, CRC has assisted nearly 14,000 job candidates during its 29 year history. Our strength is in energizing and empowering job seekers through relevant, proven job search strategies.  Our professionals focus on helping job candidates optimize their search efforts and maximize their results.  Modest fees are possible as this 501(c)(3) nonprofit is supported by donors and volunteers.

CRC members receive access to private individualized advisory sessions, group programs featuring professional experts in their fields, networking sessions, interview and resume preparation and critique, reference materials and access to workstations, office equipment and more.

A nonprofit organization that provides professional assistance to individuals in employment transition – a unique service that would otherwise be lacking in the community and one that is delivered exclusively by a cadre of over 100 volunteers.

CRC offers meaningful volunteer opportunities in our friendly, professional setting where you can meet diverse, interesting, and talented people; increase your skills, and knowledge, and make a difference in the lives of our members and make new friends!

Career Resource Center

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