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Chicago Humanities Festival connects people and ideas to cultivate a more informed, inspired, empathetic, and participatory society. We know that everyone has a story and acknowledges that not everyone has equal opportunity to share their experiences. In our workspace, programming, and all facets of CHF, we strive for equity through active empathy, listening, and understanding of a wide range of perspectives, recognizing that these stories have the power to challenge our assumptions and broaden our worldview.

Curiosity & Conversation: We seek opportunities to present and learn through the diverse life experiences, identities and ideas that help us better understand ourselves, our communities and our world.

Equity & Inclusion: We seek equity by sharing the voices and viewpoints of those who have been unfairly kept at the margins, believing that inclusive conversations and experiences can be transformative.

Access & Participation: We seek to hold space for and eliminate barriers to participation of the full continuum of human ability, experience, identity and belief.

Current Opportunities at Chicago Humanities Festival

Event Volunteers Needed

Volunteers assist with crowd management, ushering, ticket scanning, and other audience services tasks for each of our events, all year round.

Our volunteers are the front line of events, interacting with people of all ages and abilities. Some shifts may require working outside. All volunteers must be comfortable working in high-energy settings.

  • Chicago Humanities Festival
  • Chicago
Type: Ongoing Opportunity
Good For: Adults, Families, Groups, Internships, People Over 16, People with Disabilities, Seniors
Categories: Arts & Culture

Special Opportunity/Event: Call for VOLUNTEERS

About the Chicago Humanities Festival:The Chicago Humanities Festival connects people to the ideas that shape and define us, and promotesthe lifelong exploration of what it means to be human. CHF…

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