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What originally started in 2007 as a passion project by 10-year-old Sydney Martin after a diagnosis of LCH has evolved into a successful 501(c)3 nonprofit. After researching LCH, Syd and her family were shocked to find that the potentially fatal blood disease was grossly underfunded with little research devoted to it. Syd started selling her unique rock necklaces made from the shores of Lake Michigan to raise money for medical research, and Syd Rocks was born.

Although she won her battle against LCH, Syd was still passionate about finding a cure. The charitable business expanded to Giving Rocks Foundation, an organization with a powerful mission to eliminate all pediatric cancer, with a focus on LCH.

Giving Rocks Foundation donates 100% of its proceeds to LCH research, with the belief that every rock can lead to a cure.




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