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Lawrence Hall is a not-for-profit child welfare agency established to assist at-risk youth and their families through a seamless delivery of services designed to develop the self-worth, knowledge and skills they need to lead independent and productive lives.

Our Core Beliefs
We cherish the children we care for and work with them to make positive moral decisions.
We believe all children deserve a life that is free from physical, sexual, and emotional harm.
We tell the truth about what children experience in our society.
We advocate in the best interest of our children.
We behave ethically and act at all times in creative rather than destructive ways.
We value diversity and treat each other with consideration and appreciation of one another’s worth.

Lawrence Hall Youth Services provides highly specialized and individualized care for children and adolescents with severe emotional and behavioral challenges due to trauma, abuse and neglect. Each year, Lawrence Hall’s continuum of care offers a full array of services to nearly 1,000 children, adolescents, and their families through: • Fully accredited Therapeutic Day School and Diagnostic Education Program; • Specialized, Traditional and Home-of-Relative Foster Care; • Acute on-campus Children and Familiy Treatment Center, Family Community Homes, and Specialty Service Centers; and • Transitional and Independent Living Programs for older adolescents. Throughout all of Lawrence Hall’s programs, youth benefit from clinical care, therapeutic recreation, art and music therapy, and pastoral care to treat trauma and stabilize behavior. The seamless transition between levels of care within each program and across programs equips our youth with the tools and skills they need to set them on the path toward becoming proud, productive participants in society.

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