Maot Chitim of Greater Chicago

About Maot Chitim of Greater Chicago

Maot Chitim’s mission is the delivery of holiday foods to families and individuals in financial need in the Chicago Community, thus enabling them to observe the holiday in a kosher and dignified manner. We deliver food for the holidays of Passover and Rosh Hashanah. Another important objective of our organization is to continue to provide an opportunity for all segments of the Jewish community to come together to volunteer in this heartwarming experience.

Twice a year we lease a warehouse for our holiday delivery. The Delivery process for a holiday consists of three weekends. The first weekend, we build the boxes. The second weekend, we pack the non-perishable items in the boxes. The third weekend, we pack the perishable items (eggs, chicken, fruit and vegetables.) In total, we build boxes to feed over 15,000 people each holiday. Volunteers can participate in the packing and delivery of the food. On the Sunday of Delivery day, volunteers and their families are given boxes to hand deliver to households throughout the City of Chicago and its surrounding suburbs.

Current Opportunities at Maot Chitim of Greater Chicago

Holiday Volunteers to Pack and Deliver Meals

Volunteers are needed to help pack boxes of kosher holiday meals and deliver them to families in need throughout the city of Chicago and the surrounding suburbs.  Volunteers are needed around the Rosh Hashanah and Passover in the Fall and Spring.

Type: Ongoing Opportunity
Good For: Children Under 16, Families, Groups, People Over 16, Seniors
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