New Trier Township Social Services

About New Trier Township Social Services

New Trier Township plays a vital role in balancing the social service needs of the community, while serving as responsible stewards of Township tax dollars.

There are a variety of volunteer opportunities available through New Trier Township:
Advisory Committees

We seek adult volunteers to serve on three Township advisory committees that oversee our funding process and make important decisions about the allocation of Township dollars to local non-profit agencies serving New Trier Township residents. The three advisory committees are:

Potential volunteers should be interested in the operation and oversight of local nonprofits serving the community and work well with other committee members.  For more info click here.

Peer Jury Program

Our Peer Jury Program is a juvenile diversion program that works with five local police departments. Ws seek high school aged jurors and adult Youth Advocates. For more info, click here.

Food Pantry

Our Food Pantry does not currently need volunteers, but we are always seeking individuals or groups willing to do food collections at local grocery stores, events, parties, or local businesses and organizations. For more information, please contact Brian Leverenz, Community Services Administrator at New Trier Township at 847-446-8203, or click here.

Holiday Gift and Grocery Card Programs

We also are in need of Holiday Support in the form of:

For more information, please contact the Social Services Administrator, Jeanne Rosser at 847-446-8201 or click here.

Current Opportunities at New Trier Township Social Services

Mental Health Advisory Committee

Review grant proposals from agencies that provide mental health and counseling services to individuals and families in our community.

Type: Ongoing Opportunity

Money Follows the Person Advisory Committee

Review grant requests from agencies that serve clients with mental and other disabilities.

Type: Ongoing Opportunity

Agency Oversight Committee

Oversee agencies that serve the community in broad areas that include Youth Drop-In Services, Counseling and Emotional Well-Being, Senior Services, Crisis Intervention, and others

Type: Ongoing Opportunity

High School Peer Jury Program

Every year we look for motivated high school students who attend public and private New Trier Township schools, to serve on the High School Peer Jury.   juvenile diversion program that works with local police departments to determine appropriate penalties for non-violent, first time lawbreakers and cut down on repeat offenses.  Ideal for youth interested in law or crime prevention.

Type: Ongoing Opportunity

Holiday Gift and Grocery Card Programs

Good For: Children Under 16, Families, Groups, People Over 16, People with Disabilities, Seniors
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