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The Warming House Youth Center provides a safe, supervised, and substance-free atmosphere where teen ownership and decision-making opportunities thrive. Our trained staff encourages growth and acceptance, promotes communication, and helps develop the skills of high school aged teens.

Warming House staff members provide teen supervision during all open shift hours. They aim primarily to create a welcoming, nurturing and accepting atmosphere so that teens feel at home at the Center. Staff members enforce limits and boundaries, address problem behavior, and de-escalate conflict in order to maintain a safe environment. They also build strong, healthy, trusting relationships with participants so that teens feel comfortable opening up to staff. Additionally, the Center’s confidentiality policy allows teens to talk openly with staff, without the threat of their comments being spread to others. Staff members encourage youth leadership through the Youth Leadership Board, and through ongoing programs and activities. Teens are always enlisted in program planning, implementation, and decision-making processes.

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