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We are creating a college-going culture within an at-risk population dealing with high poverty, low literacy, and low college attainment. With the help of volunteers, staff and the community, W2C puts families on a path to higher education and out of poverty.

W2C serves 135 students ranging from 5th grade to college, offering ongoing academic supports including

In addition, Application Boot Camp, ACT preparation, and field trips to cultural and workplace venues are offered.

All programs serve first generation college-going students and their parents.

By starting the program with students just before they enter middle school, W2C establishes high academic expectations and a concrete sense that college, with hard work, is attainable.

Current Opportunities at Waukegan to College

Event Planning

Waukegan to College is planning “friend raising” events and could use your help making these fun and inspiring.  Planners will work with staff and board to plan event agendas, decorations, food and beverages…Experience planning events and familiarity with northshore service providers preferred.

Type: Hot Opportunity


Many W2C students need extra help to succeed in school. If you enjoy helping students learn in subjects ranging from English and math to Spanish and science (even German!) tutoring may be for you! Tutors work one-on-one with W2C students on Saturday mornings (9-12) in Waukegan.
Each student works with a tutor for one hour on a specified subject and will bring materials such as homework, a test/quiz to review, or other class materials. Many tutors work for more than 1 time slot with more than 1 student. Each week W2C staff puts together a roster of tutors and students so that tutors know subject(s), student(s) and time slot(s) they will be tutoring. W2C strives to assign the same tutor to the same student(s) each week to build a relationship.
For volunteers who can’t commit to a weekly assignment, W2C maintains a substitute list and these volunteers are contacted to fill in when a regular tutor will be absent.
W2C staff talks with tutors to understand their skills and levels at which they would be comfortable tutoring.

Type: Hot Opportunity, Ongoing Opportunity
Good For: People Over 16
Days: Saturday
Times: Mornings

Read to Achieve Reader (R2A)

Reading is an essential life skill and all of our W2C students will benefit from improving their reading abilities. Read to Achieve takes place on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoons and evenings at the Waukegan Public Library. It is designed to improve W2C students’ reading abilities, specifically vocabulary, comprehension and fluency.
Each reader works with a student for 3/4 hour. The volunteer can bring materials (W2C has materials available) or the student can bring class reading assignments.

Type: Hot Opportunity, Ongoing Opportunity
Good For: People Over 16, Seniors
Days: Monday, Thursday, Tuesday, Wednesday
Times: Afternoons, Evenings

Coach/Student Mentor

If you want to guide a student, help them envision their future, and realize their college dreams, coaching may be for you. Each coach will be paired with a student and will meet with him/her monthly to discuss academic progress and to coach him/her on reaching goals. Meetings may be for ice cream or be more elaborate, like a trip to a museum.
Coaches are assigned to students in high school. Coaches of juniors and seniors focus on college-related activities – visiting campuses, working on applications, identifying scholarships, etc. Coaches of younger students begin by working on envisioning future plans and skills for success.
There are optional coaches’ meetings where coaches can share what’s working and what’s challenging in their relationships. For late high schoolers there are meetings with college counselors and workshops to guide students, coaches and parents through the college process.

Type: Ongoing Opportunity
Good For: People Over 16, Seniors
Days: Friday, Monday, Saturday, Sunday, Thursday, Tuesday, Wednesday

Marketing/PR/Social Media/Website

Help us with all aspects of our Marketing Communications, including:

  • General Communications
  • Public Relations
  • Website Development
  • Social Media
Type: Ongoing Opportunity
Good For: People Over 16, Seniors

Grant and Scholarship Application Writer

We need experienced help writing applications for grants and scholarships.

Type: Ongoing Opportunity
Good For: People Over 16
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