Reading Power Inc.: Looking for a meaningful volunteer opportunity? Become a Reading Power Pre-Kindergarten Volunteer

About this Opportunity

Read to three and four-year-olds in their classroom during their one-hour free-choice time. Read to one child at a time, giving them the one-on-one attention, they crave. You will work on oral language development and read in a conversational, fun, and good-natured manner with each child meeting them where they are with literacy. You will be promoting the love of books and literacy that will last a lifetime.


Type: Ongoing Opportunity
Good For: Adults, Seniors
Days: Friday, Monday, Thursday, Tuesday, Wednesday
Times: Afternoons, Mornings

About Reading Power Inc.

Our mission is to accelerate children’s literacy learning and to develop in them a love of reading and writing. Working in partnership with underserved schools, Reading Power provides one-to-one literacy tutoring during the school day for children in prekindergarten through 2nd grade in North Chicago, Waukegan, and Zion.

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