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Many W2C students need extra help to succeed in school. If you enjoy helping students learn in subjects ranging from English and math to Spanish and science (even German!) tutoring may be for you! Tutors work one-on-one with W2C students on Saturday mornings (9-12) in Waukegan.
Each student works with a tutor for one hour on a specified subject and will bring materials such as homework, a test/quiz to review, or other class materials. Many tutors work for more than 1 time slot with more than 1 student. Each week W2C staff puts together a roster of tutors and students so that tutors know subject(s), student(s) and time slot(s) they will be tutoring. W2C strives to assign the same tutor to the same student(s) each week to build a relationship.
For volunteers who can’t commit to a weekly assignment, W2C maintains a substitute list and these volunteers are contacted to fill in when a regular tutor will be absent.
W2C staff talks with tutors to understand their skills and levels at which they would be comfortable tutoring.

Type: Hot Opportunity, Ongoing Opportunity
Good For: People Over 16
Days: Saturday
Times: Mornings

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Waukegan to College creates brighter futures for students, families and the community by preparing students to enroll in and graduate from college.

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