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Beacon Place
Address 603 South McAlister Avenue, Waukegan, IL 60085 Categories:  Community Services, Education, Health & Wellness, Poverty & Hunger, Youth Offers Opportunities Good For:  Adults, Families, Groups, Seniors
About Beacon Place
  The mission at Beacon Place is to inspire and guide our neighborhood’s children and families toward a brighter tomorrow.  We do this through a community center and 6 core programs that focus on academic support, nutrition and overall health and other life skills development. There are three primary goals for all programs at Beacon Place: First, we know that it is hard to learn and change if you are hungry, so food, nutrition, and health are critical components of all the Beacon Place Programs. Second, experience has shown that progress really occurs when there is a connected partnership between the support agency and the participant. Therefore, each Beacon Place program has a critical give back component that allow the participants to contribute back in some way to the programs they are utilizing, or Beacon Place needs in general. Nearly 80% of the parents whose children actively participate provide support to Beacon Place! And finally, while there are many obstacles on the path to change, one of the greatest barriers in the 21st century comes from a lack of access to effective education and the resources provided by technology. Therefore, Beacon Place has a strong emphasis on academic support for children and families and believes in weaving technology into all programs.
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