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Little City Foundation
Address 1760 W. Algonquin Rd., Palatine, IL 60067 Categories:  Advocacy, Arts & Culture, Disabilities, Seniors, Youth Offers Opportunities Good For:  Adults, Seniors
About Little City Foundation
  For more than 50 years, Little City FOundation has successfully created hope, changed lives and challenged the limits placed on children and adults with autism and other intellectual and developmental disabilities. Little City assists hundreds of children, adults and their families, by providing education, training, skills and encouragement that enable individuals to become their own hero. Children's Programs and Services:  Little City provides a safe environment to live and learn.  Little City's Childbridge Centers provide individuals up to age 21 with supports, programs and services that help increase potential for lifelong productivity and success. Adult Programs and Services:  We aim to create a healthy and stimulating balance of work, educational experiences and recreation opportunities.  The adults of Little City participate in a wide range of programs and flourish in settings that support their individual needs.  Little City's  Lifepath Adult Services provide participants ages 21 and older with activities enabling them to become more independent, productive and integrated into the community. Get involved and show your support by direct contributions, corporate sponsorships and donations, group or individual volunteer opportunities and planned giving through legacies and bequests.  For more information on how to help and to sign up for our newsletter, visit www.littlecity.org.
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