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The Sports Shed
Address 872 S. Milwaukee Ave., #112, Libertyville, IL 60048 Categories:  Education, Health & Wellness, Youth Offers Opportunities Good For:  Adults, Children Under 16, Families, Groups, Seniors
About The Sports Shed
  The Sports Shed makes it possible for kids to have positive alternatives to gangs, violence, and drugs through organized sports. We provide quality sports equipment to schools and other athletic programs in under-resourced communities. The Sports Shed believes that kids benefit from engaging in sports and physical fitness and can have a positive impact on their health and well being. Thousands of kids in the Chicago-land area have little to no access to the quality items they need in order to participate. Organizations and schools in many areas are struggling due to minimal budgets to provide safe and successful sports programs. Launching and improving sports programs for the youth in these communities will help empower them to transform their way of life.  We collect and find resources to acquire quality sports equipment and re-distribute it to organizations and schools who serve kids through sports programs in these under-resourced communities.
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