Volunteer Refugee Family Mentor (Spanish speaking)

Building Peaceful Bridges

About this Opportunity

Be a part of a team that supports a Spanish speaking refugee family. BPB assists in family resettlement and relies on volunteer mentors to assist in establishing a community safety net with our families via recurring weekly or monthly visits. The goal of these visits is to establish trust, hope, security, and empowerment in their new home and country. Mentors typically offer between 1 to 10 hours a week and commit to 6+ months.

About Building Peaceful Bridges: https://www.buildingpeacefulbridges.org/
Building Peaceful Bridges is a nonprofit organization supporting people of all faiths whose mission is to foster multicultural relationships by assisting in the integration of refugees into American society and educating communities on the challenges facing refugee populations through their stories.

We carry out our mission by:
*Assisting legal refugees to integrate into American culture by financial and non-cash donations, sponsoring and mentoring families, and partnering with other organizations
*Educating communities on the challenges refugees face during resettlement and fostering multi-cultural relationships that provide the foundation for a deeper understanding, acceptance, and support

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Opportunity Categories: Advocacy
Good For: Adults
Location: Chicagoland and North Shore

About Building Peaceful Bridges